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Avoid The Moron “Writers” Who Killed LendInk

If you don’t know about the LendInk controversy, begin here: Open Question: LendInk and the Reality of eBook Lending

Is that clear? LendInk never hosted books. They hosted a legal list of books that were legally entitled to be lent by buyers and those books were hosted at both the Kindle Store and the Nook Store. They were all legally-acquired books that were legally available to lend — to family members, to friends, or even to strangers.

And now the backstory of this ridiculous shitstorm: What happened to LendInk? The owner responds.

Can you believe it? These are supposed to be writers. They are supposed to understand words. They are especially supposed to know the damn Terms of Service they agreed to at both the Kindle Store and the Nook Store.

I’ve been down this road before, here: Writers: You Can’t Have ALL The Money

That was nearly three years ago. But apparently the word hasn’t spread.

Well, you know what? Any writer who can’t understand the damned Terms of Service they agreed to probably can’t actually write.

And anyone who acts that stupidly doesn’t deserve any readers.

Now go look at this: LendInk taken down by asshole indie authors

That’s a list of all the morons and idiots and fear-filled amateurs passing themselves off as writers who brought down LendInk.

I don’t believe in boycotts. I’ve seen them damage free speech a lot of times. But as far as I’m concerned, that’s a list of “writers” all of you should skip. If they can’t be bothered to understand plain, simple English, the odds are they can’t write a fucking sentence that’s worth reading.

Go buy books by others. Not them.



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