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Gas Prices Leap Higher

On July 22nd, it was $4.11.

Today, August 11th, it’s $4.29:

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Gas Prices


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Freedom Tower: July 2012

I’ve had hard drive space problems. Which I resolved enough today to finally post the photos I usually try to post at the beginning of each month.

So, this time, I post several at once, all from July (I haven’t taken any in August yet).

July 3rd:

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A Year Later, How Is Nokia’s Windows Phone?

This post is a robo-post. I set it up on August 11, 2011 to appear exactly one year later. So, if I happened to have died before then, consider this the magic of technology.

Normally, I would embed a tweet, but this one is screensnapped in case Twitter crashes and loses it and in the intervening year.

I think in 2012 I will be laughing at that tweet even more than I did when I saw it in 2011.

We’ll see.

If I’m still here.

(Update to follow below if I’m still alive.)

Update, Saturday August 11, 2012: As I expected a year ago today, Windows Phone 7 has been an utter failure, helped along by Microsoft orphaning all of the new Nokia phones it was running on! I don’t think Windows Phone 8 will do any better.

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This Blog Is A Fraud-Free Zone

Goodreads forum thread:

At a writers’ conference I attended years ago, editors from five of the “big” New York houses made no bones about the fact they had interns writing Amazon reviews for their books. What’s the difference? Uhm … you do know you can open an Amazon account under whatever name you want, order a book under that name (or a copy of your own book along with whatever best-selling author you’re shadowing so your book appears as one that people “also bought,” then post reviews under that name. You can even use your own credit card for payment.

With the revelations of several writers engaging in plagiarism, one best-selling writer using sockpuppets to falsely promote his own work, and now that revelation above, it’s time for me to remind everyone who comes to this blog of this post that’s permanently displayed beneath this blog’s name:

FTC Disclosure

I have a multi-year record of fearlessly calling shit what it is: shit. See my prior blogs in this blog’s sidebar.

I cannot be rented, leased, or bought.

I am not making myself out to be holier than thou, but the bottom line is this: We are going to enter a time of utter and total chaos. Money isn’t going to be worth shit. Most goods other than food aren’t going to be worth shit. Even the value of gold will pale into insignificance against one thing: TRUST.

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