A Year Later, How Is Nokia’s Windows Phone?

This post is a robo-post. I set it up on August 11, 2011 to appear exactly one year later. So, if I happened to have died before then, consider this the magic of technology.

Normally, I would embed a tweet, but this one is screensnapped in case Twitter crashes and loses it and in the intervening year.

I think in 2012 I will be laughing at that tweet even more than I did when I saw it in 2011.

We’ll see.

If I’m still here.

(Update to follow below if I’m still alive.)

Update, Saturday August 11, 2012: As I expected a year ago today, Windows Phone 7 has been an utter failure, helped along by Microsoft orphaning all of the new Nokia phones it was running on! I don’t think Windows Phone 8 will do any better.

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