2011: The Darkest Day In Mobile History

HP Kills TouchPad, Pre, And Veer Devices

That was one year ago today.

I said some Mean Things about webOS back then too:

And people love webOS only insofar as they imagine it. The reality of it is that it’s slow and will probably always be behind both iOS and Android.

Now, a year later, we see where things stand.

1) Google had to do a tablet to try to get Android tablets going
2) Microsoft is doing a tablet to try to get Windows tablets going
3) HP has dumped all of webOS into something called Gram

Meanwhile, the webOS diehards created LunaCE and it makes me drool even more for Open webOS on a modern tablet.

Apple, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft want us all to be locked into their stores and their bank accounts.

We need an alternative. So I say:



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2 responses to “2011: The Darkest Day In Mobile History

  1. Tyson

    Yep… dont have no $$$ for ipad mini no doubt going to cost $300 plus Yo? plus Ryan will have us all living in fear for the medicare money to run out. Stashing gold, shotgun shells and spam even as we speak there XBLOGGERs! eyeballing those dusty paper-style old-timey books again dude so….

  2. Tyson

    google, amazon, Apple… They will be giving us their Crappy tablets for FREE in the future.. HAHAHAH! I suddenly see it..

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