It’s August 18, 2012: Who Was Right?

This is an autopost I set up a year ago — August 18, 2011 — the day HP bailed out of webOS.

Here’s the challenger:

And me:!/mikecane/status/104331717040553984

And remember, kids: This post was set to automagically post. I could damn well have been dead for months if I haven’t been posting!

Update, August 17, 2012: Being a good sport, webOSquire reminded me of this pending post the day before autoposting. And I just wanted to update it with this week’s news that makes it all even worse for him. That’s the news about the ridiculously-named webOS company now called Gram, which makes clear:

We are no longer a consumer hardware brand

So there are no new webOS devices in the pipeline even from them!

Well, I am still looking forward to the release of Open webOS around the end of September 2012. And I hope that by this time next year, he and I will both be running it on a wicked fast tablet that originally ran iOS or Android or Windows 8. So we can both win. Hahahaha!


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