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Will Apple-Samsung Affect Open webOS?

How Drudge screamed the verdict.

Coverage is all over, so I won’t link to anything specific.

My one question is: How will this affect Open webOS?

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A Harrowing Pre-DMCA Story From Wayne Green

Wayne Green was one of the early pioneers of microcomputing (before it was even called desktop computing) and one of the several magazines he published was called Byte.

Wayne has moved on to other interests but he has a blog too.

In his entry for 7/2/12, titled Shack (there is no direct link so search for that word), he relates a tale of Copyright terrorism well before the days of the DMCA.

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One Week (Or Less) Until Open webOS Beta

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Did Famous Director Henry Jaglom Review His Wife’s Book Without Disclosure?

Wow. Look:

Victoria Foyt

Foyt married Henry Jaglom in 1991

Henry Jaglom


Patrice Townsend (m. 1979–1983)
Victoria Foyt (m. 1991)

Now the question is, is this review actually from director Henry Jaglom or was it done under his name?

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Writer Jeremy Duns Suspended By Twitter

This is a big mistake.

Duns has recently been on a tear about two things:

1) The sockpuppetry of best-selling writer Stephen Leather (is that even his real name? so much about him is fake, who can tell?)

2) Julian Assange

So it’s difficult to say which of these incited people to turn to Twitter to suspend him.

I’d be surprised if it was the latter, but some of his tweets involved a particular political writer, so maybe that did it.

On the other hand, Leather has a rep for underhanded dealings, so who knows how many sockpuppet emails with false allegations Twitter got?

All I know is that this suspension is unfair and his account should be restored.

It will be interesting to see if the reasons behind this suspension are ever fully — or even plausibly — explained.

In the meantime, Jeremy Duns has a blog here and writer Steve Mosby might have some additional info at his blog.

And just before I was about to hit Publish, this came in:

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