Will Apple-Samsung Affect Open webOS?

How Drudge screamed the verdict.

Coverage is all over, so I won’t link to anything specific.

My one question is: How will this affect Open webOS?

Open webOS has multitouch, which Apple just defended against Samsung.

Will multitouch have to be ripped out of Open webOS or does HP have its own patent on its own interpretation of it?

And since Open webOS is, well, open, could Apple sue any developer who added patent-infringing elements to it?

If Android becomes as constrained as I’m imagining it will become, Open webOS might be the last thing standing against button-heavy and retrograde user interfaces. This could enhance its standing and possibly aid its adoption. Would Apple go after it to crush it? Can anything that’s open be crushed?

And yes, I know that Samsung could finally concede and simply license Apple’s patents, but how likely is that? And what is Google likely to do now that it understands Android contains Apple-infringing elements? Would Google seek licenses? And would Apple even grant them to Google?

Certain people are thinking this is somehow a win for Windows Phone. That’s just delusional. Just because Windows Phone doesn’t infringe on Apple doesn’t mean it’s also good. Nor does it mean the market would adopt it over a hobbled Android.

So yeah, this gets interesting for Open webOS in several ways.


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