So How Exactly Does This Happen?

6:57 PM – 22 Aug 12 (12 Followers):

8:51 AM – 23 Aug 12 (30 Followers):

12:04 PM – 24 Aug 12 (49 Followers):

1:36 PM – 24 Aug 12 (9 Followers):

Of course they’re Twitter spammer accounts.

But why that tweet?

None of the writers involved are hurting for readers, so they didn’t do that.

Nor do I think their publishers did.

If this is any kind of marketing via Twitter at all, it’s the worst campaign in history, with a total reach of just one hundred.

I’m now going to report all those for Spam.


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2 responses to “So How Exactly Does This Happen?

  1. laura

    Someone running several spam accounts trying to appear in search? Or people copying tweets? I’ve seen at least one of mine copied lately without mention. Regret that I didn’t save a link to it.

  2. In the end a percentage of people are outlandish and weird. And you can’t fathom them. Or they just loser marketers who haven’t got a clue and desperately hope that some action will – finally – allow them to give up their day job…

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