Twitter Sockpuppets Attack Writer Jeremy Duns As Spam

Writer Jeremy Duns just had his Twitter account reinstated a few hours ago and now it’s been suspended again.

I know exactly what’s going here.

You know all those fake Followers you can buy?

You can also buy a Twitter Army to mark someone as Spam.

Duns has been suspended for the fourth time now.

I bet if Twitter was to get off its smug ass and analyze the accounts involved in this fiasco, they’d realize how big a problem they’re facing.

They were able to correct a problem a few years back with pervasive and nearly overwhelming X-rated spam that used an obscene Britney Spears avatar. They can correct this too.

Update, Monday August 27, 2012: It’s worse than calling up a Twitter Army. Just one person can trigger a Suspension.

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Previously here:

Writer Jeremy Duns Suspended By Twitter

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