Turn TV Shows Into eBooks!

You don’t know what it was like to be a geek in the 1970s.

There was no VCR and what we liked wasn’t taken seriously by those who produced things. It was rare to come across professionally-published things outside of a few cheap magazines (Famous Monsters of Filmland).

Some fanzines managed to get good quality still photos, like Cinefantastique. But on the whole, photos were rare and scripts were even rarer.

Then Richard J. Anobile came along and made every geek go WOW!

He pioneered a new kind of mass-market paperback that came to be known as a Photonovel or, trademarked, Fotonovel.

Orgasmic cries could be heard throughout fandom when that book appeared.

Those kinds of books have gone away because, really, who needs them now that we’ve had VCRs, DVD players, and, today, streaming video?

However, technology now makes it possible to create our own.

That’s a Kindle displaying a PDF with screensnaps made from an episode of Eastenders.

The directions for doing that are here: iPlayer for Kindle

I’m not up on the kind of software that’s available to do it with American broadcast TV or even DVDs.

However, when Rubicon was on the air, there was a LiveJournal site that offered HD screensnaps from episodes — that I now see could be compiled into a DIY photonovel. All that was missing from them were the captions. So I have to think this is possible outside of using the UK setup from that post.

Maybe someone out there will attempt this. It’d be interesting to see the size of a digital photonovel with two snaps per screen (portrait mode) or four snaps per screen (landscape).

If we had had all this tech back in the 1970s, we’d rule the world today. Like, we’d have major blockbuster movies about superheroes.

Oh. Wait.

We triumphed anyway.


Fotonovel Roundup
Star Trek Fotonovels
Richard J. Anobile’s Frankenstein

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