Even More eBook Fraud

The Great Ellory Leather Sock Review Tosser Caper

Some people say faking reviews/buying reviews is no different to advertising and what’s the big deal? These people are fucking idiots.

Naming Sock Puppet Names: Sam Millar

I reported these sock puppet accounts to Amazon two years ago, but as others have found when reporting malicious activity, no action was taken. I hope one of the results of the recent controversy surrounding fake Amazon reviews will be a tightening up of policy. I also believe the publisher of an author’s works cannot divorce themselves of that author’s behaviour, because it also reflects negatively on them.

Who Is Jared Silverstone?

Copywriter and editor Emily Seuss has uncovered a set of social media accounts sharing the same stock photo picture, all credited to an Author Solutions employee named Jared Silverstone.

Author Solutions Removes Fake Social Media Accounts

Following a GalleyCat article yesterday, self-publishing company Author Solutions will remove social media accounts for Jared Silverstone–a set of profiles for an “Awesome Publishing Consultant at Author Solutions” that used a fake image from a stock photo company.

Some people are calling for a “Code of Ethics.”

We have things called laws and the rich and powerful routinely ignore those.

So fuck a “Code of Ethics.”

If a writer doesn’t have one of their own up on their own site, why do they think some list from other people is going to matter?

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