Shock: Sony Does Something Right!

I’ve ripped Sony apart again and again.

Really, I’d given up hope of them ever producing something that I’d want.

So I was really shocked by this video that Charbax did of the new VAIO Tap 20 PC at IFA.

This machine is brilliant:

That’s a touchscreen PC finally done right — with the added bonus of a built-in battery so it can be untethered from AC if you want to go mad and risk putting something that’s eleven pounds on your lap for a short while!

And it will recognize gestures from a distance!

I want that!

Watch this one as he reveals it has an accelerometer:

And here is a Sony promo video:

Well done, Sony! You’ve finally done something that’s smart, original, and distinctive.


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  1. cookie

    2 to 5 hours. in other words. 2 unless being used to play. mp3s

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