Just How Much Dishonesty Is OK With Konrath?

Dig it. Here’s a prime example of someone doing a 1984 on their own writing, hoping no one notices the enemy has changed from Eastasia to Eurasia!

Here was his blog this morning [this Google Cache content might change as Google updates the cache]:

Click = big


That was changed to [this Konrath content might change as he attempts to cover his lame ass yet again]:

Click = big


Those are quite two different things!

And a lame attempt at backtracking and trying to save one’s already-shit-poor reputation.

So which is it, Konrath?

Did you show your true self in the first instance?

Or in the second?

You know, I think you revealed your true self twice.

Once by admitting you’re just fine with utter corruption and the second time by proving it with revisionism you hoped no one would notice.

This raises some questions:

1) What kind of “friend” do you have that you posted what you really meant the first time?

2) Does your connection with Amazon have anything to do with your lame revisionism later?

3) Do you really think anyone should trust you at all now?

4) Why the hell should anyone ever believe any reviews of your books since you’ve just admitted it’d be just peachy-keen if you wrote all of them under fake names?

Oh, you can skip the third question. You’ll come up with all sorts of self-justifications to prop up your corrupt soul. But they won’t fool anyone else.

And for the fourth question, shit, I expect Comments here from names who have never Commented before to all be you.

Anyway, there it is, everyone. The true heart of Konrath for all to finally see.

And you lot have actually been listening to that asshat?

You have no writing future.

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13 responses to “Just How Much Dishonesty Is OK With Konrath?

  1. RicDay

    I guess Konrath was talking to that friend who sells services to writers on Craigslist. You know, that nice friend who helps you get lots of 4 and 5 star reviews, and ensures your enemies get 1s. Konrath probably talks to him daily, especially about people who disagree with his personal take on “ethics”.

  2. Bazinga!
    Comedy aside. This whole thing makes my head hurt. Why spend all your time trying to game the system when you could be writing a better book? Maybe that’s just crazy talk.

  3. Veronica

    If he doesn’t think it’s wrong, then everyone should create a fake account and flood Amazon with 1 star reviews for all joe’s books.

    No big deal, right, Joe?

  4. Anonymous

    Oh, Konrath and his friends Barry Eisler, Lee Goldberg, Blake Crouch, and Selena Kitt have been leaving each other fawning reviews for years–since these writers sometimes write together, it’s clearly improper.

    Konrath’s a tool, and he doesn’t want anyone to stat questioning review ethics because his are corrupt. And that’s what he’s willing to do publicly.

    And yes, I’m posting anonymously, but all of this is easily verifiable based on public posts on Amazon.

  5. Thanks for this, Mike. I followed some links and very entertaining they were too. In so doing I found of a nugget of wisdom that it behoves all writers to ponder, so I blogged it:


  6. Hi Mike, on Twitter you implied that some guy named John Nelson was a sockpuppet of Konrath’s based I suppose on the fact that he left both Joe and me a number of good reviews. He isn’t, and the most basic understanding of an internet search would verify that he’s a real man who apparently lives in Washington State. I could care less what you think about me or my friends, but I do take issue when you attack my fans who leave reviews. If you want to get into the shit-throwing game with Jeremy Duns, you might at least take a page from him and actually know what you’re talking about before you shoot your mouth off and accuse readers who have nothing to do with any of this. Your reckless behavior in that regard is exactly what makes so many of us very uncomfortable with this entire sockpuppet fiasco. Innocent readers getting called out when they did nothing wrong isn’t okay. The class act thing to do would be to retract what you said and apologize. Or at least delete your tweet which makes an utterly unfounded accusation.

  7. laura

    My previous comment about the Sockpuppet Scandal notwithstanding, it’s very important that people like you are watching carefully to call out this disgusting behavior. Thank you.

  8. The impression I always had from Konrath isn’t that he’s a writer. He’s a businessman who happens to market ‘his writing’. He isn’t a writer who is trying to make a living, he’s a businessman (a slimy one at that) who uses his writing as a product. If he wasn’t writing, he’d be hawking something else using questionable methods and using the “It’s technically not against the rules” defense and wondering why everyone thinks he’s basically the stereotypical used car salesman.

  9. asraidevin

    He’s entitled to his opinion. And he has to make his opinion more and more controversial to gain new readership. We’ve all read and agreed or disagreed with his “self-pub=good legacy publishers=bad”. IF he doesn’t keep pushing the envelope he will stagnate.

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  11. Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brenethgid my day!

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