Apple Is Still Unfit To Sell eBooks

Screensnap via @DigitalDanHouse (click to enlarge):

Books are the province of adults with functioning, inquiring, and fearless brains.

Apple runs the iBookstore as if its market is comprised solely of the tourists of Disney amusement parks.



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6 responses to “Apple Is Still Unfit To Sell eBooks

  1. Uncle Stevie wouldn’t have approved. And Uncle Stevie only wants the best for you. You really shouldn’t question his authority.

  2. How would you be able to find this book at all if you didn’t already know either the title, subject, or author? I don’t think this particular censorship is evil or makes Apple “unfit” to sell eBooks since the only thing that is censored is a few letters in a word that any adult can easily figure out. Even the full description is there.

    Oh, because everything is still there and obvious this censorship is stupid and makes Apple look ridiculous, but it’s certainly not in any way pernicious.

    • Peter

      Well, I think Apple is unfit to sell eBooks, but it has nothing to do with hiding naughty words in the title. But that’s another story.

      One thing I was curious about was what happened if I decided to search for it. So I brought up iTunes Store and searched for “Vagina.”

      Whooey! I haven’t seen that many stars since I was out in the desert after dark! But there was the book, complete with a picture of the unedited cover. So was “The Vagina Monologues” and various songs.

      The one that surprised me was a song from the album Where is the Pussy and Beer?” (Or, as Apple calls it, “Where is the P***y and Beer”) called V-A-G-I-N-A (or, as Apple calls it…V-A-G-I-N-A)

      So there’s the work around: Stick dashes in the name.

  3. connie

    Vagina is not a fucking swear word!

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