HP TouchPad Go Torments Me

So Steven Troughton-Smith has added this to his collection:

Click = big

That is the seven-inch-screened HP TouchPad Go.

Here it is next to an iPhone 4-series:

Click = big

And here is a cavalcade of torment by him, featuring the Cube Mac(!), Nexus 7, HP TouchPad Go, and Galaxy Tab 7.7 (which has been banned in the EU by Apple court actions):

Click = big

And this blog on all three tablets for extreme torment:

Click = big

The webOS browser screwed up the screensnap, but that was pre-release software so bugs are expected.

Still, what might have been. An iPad Mini before the iPad Mini. HP could have cleaned up with that, priced right. No Android tablet can yet do what webOS offered. And putting webOS CE with LunaCE on it would have been just epic.

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