Gas Prices Go Up Again

Photo taken today, Saturday September 15, 2012. Resized and resampled to VGA.

I thought I had published a photo from the past two weeks, which showed it at $4.33 a gallon. But the blog says my last post has it at $4.29.

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One response to “Gas Prices Go Up Again

  1. Personally I am wondering at what point the politicians will realize that our fragile economy can no longer support gas prices this high. Last week it was the storm. Storm is long over and prices have been rising steadily around here. It got as high as $3.959 two days ago. This morning it was all the way down to $3.899. Of course I am using 87 regular as my barometer. Sometime the speculators and record profits of the oil companies will have to be dealt with. OK, there I go dreaming again.

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