Occupy Wall Street: Back Inside Liberty Plaza

The march from Washington Square Park to Liberty Plaza concluded a while ago. Here are screensnaps from the @Timcast live Ustream:

Encountering the barricaded Liberty Plaza I documented this morning, this time with lots of NYPD surrounding it:

And via two chokepoints, they were “allowed” back in:

I wish their setup had been above reproach with the original occupation.

They need to be there.

Who the hell else is putting pressure on the financial district 24/7? Not our damn “government” nor the so-called “mainstream media”!

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2 responses to “Occupy Wall Street: Back Inside Liberty Plaza

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  2. I agree, they NEED to be there. But I’ve seen undercurrents that may or may not become big. Check this video out:

    Basically the video echoes what I wrote in a (totally enraged) song early this year: “Don’t pay your debts, take down the Man, destroy the banks, don’t pay your debts, screw them like they screwed us….evil motherfuckers suck yo’ souls and bleed your dry… sell you down the river and lead you over the falls…”

    The moneyheads would freat is everybody stopped paying their debts. If everybody just stopped.

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