Twitter Took Our Tweets And Now Takes Our Images

Go past a certain date or an unknown number of images and you can’t get access to your own property any longer!

I had many images that were uploaded before August 17th. Yet this is the last image I now have access to.

What is Twitter playing at here?

We’re being forced to use only Twitter for images — to complete “the Twitter experience” — and now we can’t have access to all of them?

TwitPic never pulled this on me! I still have access to everything there.

The more crap like this Twitter pulls, the more inviting is beginning to seem.

As it is, I’m copying all my remaining images over to TwitPic so I can access them at will. Too bad for users if they’ll have to click through to an URL now to see them.

Same-day update: In the process of copying all my images to move to TwitPic, I now get this:

Click = big

Do you really want to trust Twitter with your images?

I will use TwitPic from now on.

Second same-day update: Twitter has a media partnership with WordPress. By reactivating a dormant blog, I can now post a photo there and it will still appear in-column in Twitter. So I have found a backdoor that lets me screw Twitter out of my images. This is so Win.


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5 responses to “Twitter Took Our Tweets And Now Takes Our Images

  1. I was just looking at my own gallery, and realized the thumbnails are also gone. Fail. According to the support page, they are supposed to display up to 100 images (only) as long as they were uploaded before Jan. 1, 2010.

    It seems to me that these limits are new, or at least I don’t remember having seen them before.

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