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Forbrydelsen III Sneak Peek And Free Stream!

Wow! Incredibly, the TV network in Denmark allows people outside of Denmark to stream Forbrydelsen III! See it here. There are no English subtitles, so that’s for hardcore people like me who can’t wait and just want to see it, period.

Updates: Forbrydelsen III Now Geo-Restricted and Forbrydelsen III Frustration. I have not found a (free) way around the block. Most people say to pay a fee to use a VPN.

Second update: Forbrydelsen III Not Geo-Blocked

I have some screensnaps and minor spoilers.

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Occupy Wall Street And The Sky!

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Forbrydelsen III Premieres Tonight In Denmark

Everyone’s favorite detective is back! Sarah Lund — with a tie!

Forbrydelsen III begins tonight.

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Apple Store-Like Design

I came across this new store on Fulton Street this morning. The design reminded me of elements of the Apple Store.

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