Apple Store-Like Design

I came across this new store on Fulton Street this morning. The design reminded me of elements of the Apple Store.

Shot through glass (the store was closed):

There are even two iPads for displays (although one was down):

Did you notice the glass counter?

It has a website — but it requires Flash(!).

Otherwise, there’s an app(!):

An app for a cupcake store. The future is strange.

Update, September 23, 2012: Even stranger is the way that store came about! There are eight of them now. See these stories:

Cupcake interview: Melissa Bushell of Baked by Melissa
Having Her Cake And Eating It Too

Thanks to @sarahw for those stories.


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One response to “Apple Store-Like Design

  1. Maybe we have more stores with modern design and a white color scheme here in Europe than you do in NYC, but those pictures don’t remind me at all of an Apple Store. The app is an interesting idea though. ‘Make your own cupcake’ is a clever way to get interested customers involved with the product.

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