Forbrydelsen III Sneak Peek And Free Stream!

Wow! Incredibly, the TV network in Denmark allows people outside of Denmark to stream Forbrydelsen III! See it here. There are no English subtitles, so that’s for hardcore people like me who can’t wait and just want to see it, period.

Updates: Forbrydelsen III Now Geo-Restricted and Forbrydelsen III Frustration. I have not found a (free) way around the block. Most people say to pay a fee to use a VPN.

Second update: Forbrydelsen III Not Geo-Blocked

I have some screensnaps and minor spoilers.

Our first view of Sarah Lund:

Apparently she is given a new partner who looks old enough to be her son:

The quality of the stream is mostly excellent:

Surprisingly, her partner thinks there’s a case here but she seems not to think so:

This guy and his daughter are significant characters:

This is his ex-wife:

The stream image degrades from time to time and pauses to buffer:

But on the whole, it played surprisingly well for such a large-sized video on this crap PC. I wish YouTube still did that!

A shipping company and — of course — a political campaign are at the heart of this crime:

I was perhaps fifteen minutes away from the end when the stream lost its place and reset back to the beginning!

I blame my crap PC. I’m going to borrow a Windows 7 notebook to watch it to the end.

It starts off with the trademark Forbrydelsen bang. The music isn’t yet compelling, but moody. I can’t yet tell if it’s an all-new score (the final moments would have done that!). And even without subtitles I was engrossed. And, yes, at one point Lund is in a tie. Why is clear when you see it.

Go see!

Same-day update: A second attempt on a better PC enabled me to see all of it. The threads came together beautifully at the end of the episode with a great cliffhanger. Unfortunately, it seems they did not budget for a new score, still reusing the original cues. That’s a bit of a shame. But Sarah Lund is back!

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10 responses to “Forbrydelsen III Sneak Peek And Free Stream!

  1. How well can you follow it in Danish? Think English subtitles will be ready by tomorrow?

    • mikecane

      You can follow the broad outlines without subs easily. The subtleties are all lost. I have no idea when fansubs will be done. The Danish TV station won;t be doing them.

  2. Thomas

    the player seems to get that i’m not living in Denmark.
    do you know where i can download it?

    • mikecane

      It’s Danish TV, so of course it’s going to be only in Danish. There is no download that I have looked for. If you want English subs, you’ll have to wait til next month when the BBC airs it and subtitles it.

      • thhansenThomas

        no i mean the player shows this message :
        I speak a little danish and it says basicly that the video is reserved for people in Denmark.

      • mikecane

        OK, I just went there. Damn. Since I saw it streamed, they’ve limited it to Denmark now. Argh.

    • mikecane

      That’s the main site, not the TV stream.

      Update: It worked! “Se Forbrydelsen” or just use the link I originally posted. Thanks!

  3. Ullevi

    Hi Mike .. thanks for this~
    It might be the problem of my browser but do you hav a file of the subtitles? Bit hard to follow w.o the text..
    På forhand tak! =)

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