Barnes & Noble’s New HD Nooks

Photo by Nate

I can’t get excited over the 7″ one. It looks fugly in pictures. Plus, the rumored iPad Mini will crush it and others of that size.

The Nook HD+ with its nine-inch screen interests me and here are the size numbers that matter:

Nook HD+ 9″: 9.5″ x 6.4″ x 0.5″ – 18.2 oz
Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9: 9.1″ x 6.2″ x 0.34″ – 15.8 oz
Kindle Fire HD 8.9: 9.4″ x 6.4″ x 0.35″ – 20 oz
Archos 80 G9: 8.90″ x 6.11″ x 0.46″ – 17 oz

Significantly taller than the Archos 80 but not too much more than the Galaxy Tab 8.9. That could be a very nice size.

What interests me is rooting it. We won’t know until XDA Developers get their hands on it and can tell us if there’s a locked bootloader (there probably is).

Barnes & Noble’s NookColor sales were boosted by all the people who didn’t give a damn about Barnes & Noble and just wanted a cheap seven-inch Android tablet. Rooting drove a large part of sales, not content. The same will likely hold true for the HD+, if rooting is not too complex an operation. In this respect, it’ll be a horse race between the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 and the Nook HD+. The easiest rooting method could win.

Given the prices of these and other recent tablets, it makes me wonder what Apple’s price will be for the iPad Mini.

At any rate, all of these new entrants spell doom for cheap tablet floggers such as Coby, Velocity Micro (Cruz), and the rest. They now have zero reason to exist. And Archos simply has no chance at all in the U.S. now.

Finally, could the Nook HD+ be a target tablet for Open webOS? We’ll have to see. My fingers will be crossed in hope.


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7 responses to “Barnes & Noble’s New HD Nooks

  1. Does anyone read your blog, Mike? Anyone? And does anyone really care what you think about anything? Your Tweets and blogs reminds me of a little kid trying to be heard by adults, shouting louder and louder as he realises that no one gives a fuck. Get this, Mike. No one cares what you think, about anything. And they never will.

    • mikecane

      You obviously care and came here to read so YOU could bitch like a jealous little unknown child who no one listens to. Man up, bitch.

  2. Poor baby. And you were so excited when you thought it was John Locke. I shall save the screenshot for posterity! Look everyone, John Locke posted on my blog!!! Oh, sorry, no he didn’t, it was someone pointing out what a cock I am.

    • mikecane

      Oh look who is back. The dick who points to an imaginary Twitter account as his ID. So which corrupt son of a bitch are you? The drunk one, the payola one, or the no-talented one? Hey, you could be all three. Have a life.

  3. Thomas

    If the 9″ gets hacked pretty quickly and easy with a fully functional Ice Cream Sandwich ROM (CM10), I will buy one. But the power cord connector to the device itself better be better then the previous one that was so easy to break. My orinignal Nook ‘s charging cable is on its last leg with a half broken metal connector, and I rarely use it. – its my second one too. A 9″ inch HD Android tablet + a small portable keyboard for $360. Not bad.. Lightweight, insanely portable and cheap – just want i want.

    Something else needs to be mentioned. Apple BETTER come out with a mini-Ipad with 1080p display. From the rumors, this is not the case – its going to be the same resolution as the Ipad 2. This is HUGE mistake if true (and blunder) and might be Apple’s first huge failure in quite a while.

  4. Thomas

    Also, this processor (on the Nook HD+) is supported by Windows 8 RT, i believe. Ive seen online, tablets running Windows 8 with this exact processor. I am pretty sure that it will take some time, buy I would bet that a hacked version of Windows RT will become available at some point, in which case, this would make this tablet fully functional at a much cheaper price. Of course, this would be illegal and I do not condone such activites. :)

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