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Open webOS 1.0 Released

Open webOS 1.0 Edition

But @stroughtonsmith points out that is still running on top of Ubuntu, so it’s not like us mere mortals — those of us who love webOS, who want to use webOS — can use it.

If it took HP using engineers several days to get that running, what hope is there for us regular non-engineer users?

And although the Gram logo now appears in the upper right corner of the Open webOS Blog, the site is still nothing but a logo.

How much longer do we have to wait for a package that we can use?

Meanwhile, Mozilla continues ahead with its web-friendly OS.

Does Gram intend to mishandle Open webOS like Palm mishandled its original Palm OS?

Get the hell real finally. We need a package we can put on an x86 or ARM tablet as soon as possible.

And yes, I see multimedia isn’t ready. But I can do without that for many things.

Get Open webOS into the hands of us users so we can rave about it to others!

Same-day update: There’s now a new Open webOS Project website too.


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