Open webOS 1.0 On An Asus Transformer Prime Tablet

Despite telling me yesterday it would take him “several days” to do it, I check into Twitter today and get this:

And here is the full-sized photo:

Click = big

But wait, don’t get excited. He reports:

freezes there. Doesn’t ‘run’. Why do you expect such things?


And why is it like that? He also reports:

because this is how ports work! You spend hours/days/weeks getting it up to speed, fixing things piece by piece

From all the rooting and modding I’ve seen done with Android at XDA Developers, I’ve gotten the mistaken idea that porting would be just as “easy.”

It’s a hell of a lot of work!

So, it’ll take “several days” — if not much more — to get Open webOS to work on this tablet.

Still, better than what we’ve had — which has been nothing.


Editorial: A few thoughts about Open webOS 1.0


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