Writer Tom Piccirilli: Bad Health News

Tom Piccirilli To Undergo Brain Surgery

As some of you know, Tom Piccirilli hasn’t been feeling himself lately — headaches, etc. He was admitted into the hospital Thursday after undergoing an MRI. On Friday, Tom learned that the culprit is a brain tumor. He’ll be undergoing surgery this Monday to have the tumor removed, followed by weeks of chemo and radiation treatments.

This is awful news.

I’ve mentioned Piccirilli three times before (here, here, and here). He’s one of those writers you just can’t go wrong with, no matter what book of his you pick up in whatever genre.

His medical bills are bound to be financially devastating, no matter how much any insurance he has might cover. He may be debilitated a while too, unable to create more work — a terrifying prospect for all writers.

I’m not asking you to help him out. Reading his work is something that’ll add to your life — and the royalties he’ll earn from those sales will help him continue.

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