Meg Whitman: Are You For Real?

New York Times: Meg Whitman’s Toughest Campaign: Retooling H.P.

I don’t think I’ve ever read a more insulting piece about a company’s CEO in my entire tech life. Insulting to users.

Some choice quotes before I go off like a rocket:

She believes that mobile devices, cloud computing and Big Data will re-energize H.P.


From Ms. Whitman’s high vantage, the trends of mobile, cloud and Big Data resolve into a single phenomenon: the creation and exploitation of Information Everywhere. H.P. makes consumer devices, in addition to servers for the cloud, sensor networks, and analysis software. Instead of standing at the confluence of the phenomenon, though, H.P. is on the sidelines, with most of the parts but none of the integration to make it a leader.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me

What the hell? What the bloody hell?

If HP is sitting on the “sidelines,” it’s Whitman’s own damn fault!

It was entirely within her power — and public relations and appearances be damned — to reverse Apotheker’s decision concerning webOS.

More insults:

She envisions a more customer-focused, Information-Everywhere H.P., with restyled PCs whose screens break off into iPad-like tablet computers. H.P. will also get into mobile devices, she says.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me

“Will get into”??!!? What the hell was the Veer, the Pre 3, and the TouchPad? What was the TouchPad Go? — with its seven-inch screen, it was the iPad Mini before anyone even mentioned that rumored device!


“We have to get ahead of the curve.”

That’s where the hell you were before Apotheker pulled the plug — and you didn’t have the guts to reverse him after his ouster!


“Despite the ill-informed commentary that the PC is dead, it is an ever-expanding category,” he [Mr. Donatelli, the head of the server, storage and networking business] says. Unlike the consumer-focused iPad, he says, PCs are “devices that are enterprise-ready, with security and Windows 8 compatibility” that create content for the cloud as readily as they consume it. Since January, Ms. Whitman has doubled the size of Mr. Bradley’s PC design team. Now at 60 people, it’s still small compared with Apple’s.

Oh, that’s rich. What the hell else is a guy whose paycheck depends on PCs going to say? That he’s in a job that’s declining?

What PR agency got this placed in the Times?

How many empty-headed idiots who read this in the Times will believe this package of self-serving bullshit?

Leadership consists of two things: Vision and courage.

Meg Whitman is portraying herself as someone who suddenly has Vision. Give me a break. Where the hell was her Vision when she ascended to the post and had the power to reverse Apotheker?

And what the hell good is Vision without courage?

No damn good.

Which is why hollow CEOs resort to PR-placed vanity pieces such as this in the Times.

The bottom line is this: Meg Whitman replaced Apotheker. But she did not have the guts to reverse Apotheker’s webOS-killing damage.

Whitman’s own cowardice forfeited HP’s future.

Every stock point drop, every blot of red ink on its balance sheets are her doing, no one else’s.

And don’t argue with me about webOS. Come back in three to five years and then argue with me. Except by then you won’t be arguing with me — you’ll be using webOS.

Even if it’s not from HP.

Especially if it’s not from HP!


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One response to “Meg Whitman: Are You For Real?

  1. Wil

    Great comments, I agree completely !

    The Damage done by the Leo Apotheker Apocalypse was well within her power to reverse.
    It is a fact, that she should have reversed it but she didn’t !

    We know from Last Summer’s events, how the HP-Touchpad zoomed, from zero to #2, in just a couple of weeks.
    How could the members of the HP-Board and Meg Whitman not see this

    Vision …. or lack there of !!!!

    This blundered blured Vision continues today!
    HP has helped the Open Source Community with it’s efforts
    to release an Open WebOS Version that has just been posted.

    WHAT !!! Are they Blind !!!!

    Have they not learned anything about Ecosystem dynamics of this past year.
    Events which HP itself set into motion

    Not only have HP&Meg missed the technolgy curve but they have gone backwards.
    Thus allowing their competitors (Google, Apple, Samsung, Amazon Etc.)
    to introduce into market devices which have now surpased
    the HP-Touchpad and are doing very well, within their own ecosystems.

    I’d say they missed the whole technology curve for this past year.
    If anything their actions speak louder than words.
    What is clear is how the HP-board and Meg, are doing everthing within their power
    to get rid of any connection to Palm and WebOS.

    It’s sad really … in the end they are only hurting HP.
    Sinking lower and further behind the technolgy curve.

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