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Open webOS 1.0 On An Asus Transformer Prime: Part Two

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Dishonest Reviews Are Just Sabotage

Morris Rosenthal, whose Self Publishing 2.0 blog is a must-read, saw an exchange I was having on Twitter and emailed me with this:

I saw you tweeted a recent post of mine in relation to an argument some people were having over the ridiculous assertion that flames don’t hurt.

Attached is a graph of the last two years of sales rank data for a nonfiction book of Biblical Hebrew Flashcards I published on Kindle as an experiment a few years ago.

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Writer Eddie Wright’s Marketing 101

He gets to the heart of things with this:

Tyranny of the Muse is the result of his successful Kickstarter.

It’s based on his novel Broken Bulbs, which I raved about twice, here and here.

Now go to his Tumblr where you can feel good ordering a copy of Tyranny of the Muse.

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