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Open webOS Is For Consumers

Fulfilling Open Source Promise – HP Is Hiring 50+ Developers For WebOS

I’m glad to read that, but the TechCrunch analysis is plain screwy:

But what will HP do with it in the end? As The Powerbase points out, let’s just hope that HP is not foolish enough to put WebOS back into the consumer market.

The future of WebOS is in the enterprise. The market is not sewn up. Apple has taken a good lead but the company is not committed to making an enterprise play. The Android platform is fractured, RIM is all but dead and Android is too fractured.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

That’s just nuts.

Innovation does not come from the Enterprise. It comes from the Consumer market.

Did Jobs for one moment ever consider making the iPhone for the Enterprise? No. And can you argue with the money Apple has made? Apple didn’t even give in to Enterprise security demands and release an iPhone model without a camera.

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This Is Not The Nook Media You’re Looking For

Nook Media

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Barnes & Noble and Microsoft Complete Strategic Partnership in New Subsidiary: NOOK MEDIA LLC

The First Rule of naming a company is checking the availability of the URL.

The Second Rule of naming a company is using the first rule.

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