Forbrydelsen III: Episode 2 With English Subtitles

IceHunter did subtitles again.

If you’re new to SRT — subtitle files — as far as I have seen, they can be used with any video file, no matter what the resolution is. At least this is the case with the video player I use, which is vlc.

To use an SRT file, it must have the same name as the video file — but with SRT as the extension. The easiest way to accomplish this is to right-click on the video file, choose Rename, Copy the filename. Then right-click on the SRT file, choose Rename, Paste the video file name — and then change the extension to SRT (lower case — .srt). Be sure that the video file (mkv, avi, mp4) is in the same folder with the SRT file. The subtitles should then appear automagically.

After the break, three non-spoiler screensnaps from episode 2 with English subs by IceHunter.

And this video file — by someone other than the one I saw previously — was also taken from the broadcast, showing that annoying split-screen for next week’s promo:

I am absolutely hooked and hope DR doesn’t again geo-block the stream. I will wind up watching it twice — without and then with subtitles.

For those of you who will be seeing it on BBC Four next month, the wait has been worth it.

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6 responses to “Forbrydelsen III: Episode 2 With English Subtitles

  1. Zaffy

    A bit spoilerish comments about season III.

    I like what I see so far. A lot. My only problem is that is the last season.
    (3 seasons and a movie?? plz??)
    There are some plot holes (the finale of 2nd epi, with the “bad guy” doing what he did in the place he did it, mkaay…) but nothing major really.

    Poor Lund!
    She is still trying to balance between her personal/family and work life. In previous seasons she mainly screwed the first, now she manages to screw both. Yeah, you cant call this a progress..can you?

    I find kind of amusing the frequent references about economy declining in Denmark and how disappointing there is no growth, etc etc.
    I mean I am in Greece and trust me Denmark doesnt seem so repressed to me, I mean comparing to our problems Denmark looks like Heaven, well at least through the images of Forbrydelsen.

    as for the SRT file, something I discovered recently (shame on me, I am supposed to be an IT person…). You dont have to rename the SRT file… Start playing the video with your player and then drag the SRT file into the player. It works, at least for VLC and KPlayer.

  2. So do you recommend skipping Forbrydelsen II and going straight to III? Did you ever finish watching II? Are there not any references to it in III, or is it too early too tell?

  3. Piemastergeneral

    Any ideas where I can find English subs for episode 4?

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