No, Dammit, This Is NOT The iPad Mini

Business Insider: The Most Convincing iPad Mini Leaked Photos We’ve Seen Yet

Mashable: Is This The iPad Mini? [PICS]

I debunked that crap last night in Twitter. But I find these photos still zooming around the Net as if they mean something. So now this post.

This is another dummy iPad Mini from China!

See proof after the break.

Original photo:

Now look at it this way:

That’s what no one else bothered to do — despite being paid to report.

That says BCGA1416.



Just taking one frikkin moment of time to check an FCC ID would have killed those posts before publication or put a different spin on them — but they didn’t. And they collect a paycheck for what? To be professionally sloppy or stupid?

My final advice to everyone:

Previously here:

The Fake iPad Mini Is Even More Fake Now


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6 responses to “No, Dammit, This Is NOT The iPad Mini

  1. fake

    They collect a paycheck for generating clicks and pageviews. Who cares about accuracy?

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  4. Use “Find My iPad” or “Find My iPhone”. Go to Settings>iCloud, enter your Apple ID and set it up. This way, if you lose your iPad, you simply need to vist iCloud’s site or use the program on another Apple product to locate where your iPad is and find it.

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