Why A Late iPad Mini Is A Good Thing


But does that mean it’s all been a fake? An elaborate Chinese hoax as I’ve said?

I don’t think so.

I think the Mini exists but it doesn’t look like the Chinese fakes.

Further, I think it will be released for this holiday season.

And I think this “delay” is strategic.

Windows 8’s big bash is set for October 26th.

I expect Apple to send out iPad Mini invites on October 23rd, puncturing and thoroughly deflating Microsoft’s excitement.

The event will be held on Halloween, the 31st, for all those inevitable and groan-inducing “Trick or Treat” headlines all the sad journalists will create.

And while we’re all here today wondering if the Mini exists, the factories are busy churning it out (and be grateful for the efforts of all those Foxconn and Pegatron workers!).

So that on Halloween Day, Tim Cook can announce as “One More Thing” that people can line up for it just two days later, Friday, November 2nd to buy it at Apple Stores.

Which would you have rather have happen? An event invite today for next week, with a delay before buying — or a later event that lets you buy just two days later?

This is what I think is going to happen and this post is my record of it.

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