TV: Titanic: Blood And Steel

The cable channel Encore has been running a new mini-series this week, Titanic: Blood and Steel.

There was more CGI in its opening minutes than an entire episode of Doctor Who!

Anyone who grew up watching Upstairs, Downstairs on PBS (back when PBS was actually good and Masterpiece Theater was something special), will feel right at home with this.

It’s a sprawling epic that’s like the old tagline that was once used for mini-series: A Novel for Television.

I especially love this, quoted from its website:

It also provides an insight into cultural issues, including; the class system, workers hardship and general levels of deprivation in Belfast at the time.

This is indeed the Upstairs, Downstairs of the Titanic story!

I haven’t been able to catch any one entire episode because it’s too near my sleep time, but I hope to catch up with a future weekend marathon. What I’ve seen has been uniformly excellent and makes me want to see more. This is the kind of mini-series TV used to do. One that you can watch and lose yourself in.

This series should be on your Must-See list, whether it’s by getting Encore, waiting for it to appear on Netflix (or anywhere else), or by getting the forthcoming DVD set.

Surprisingly for such an epic, it has a rather minimalistic website. But it’s filled with video, so I won’t embed any of that here. Go see it there.

The Wikipedia entry and the page at Encore.

Well done, Encore!



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2 responses to “TV: Titanic: Blood And Steel

  1. Upstairs Downstairs is back! There’s a new series of it that came out a couple of years ago. It’s really good, too. I like it much more than Downton Abby.

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