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Another Small Step For Open webOS

These days I’m glad to see anything being done with Open webOS.

Developers for PIC have been hard at work over the last couple weeks developing a port of Open webOS for the Google/Samsung Nexus S 4G phone. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but we’ve recently reached a milestone where we get to the Luna unlock screen, after which it crashes. we’re now working to get it stable, after which we will be working on getting the touch screen functional so we can log in and start interacting with the UI.

PIC’s approach in this project differs from that currently being pursued in other porting projects such as the Galaxy Nexus by webOS Ports, in that rather than have webOS exist separately from Android and provide an alternate boot option, our implemention aims for more of an integration with the Android operating system. Our vision for this project envisions a scenario in which users are able to switch quickly between the two systems without having to reboot, presenting a more convenient way for those webOS users who rely on Android apps to be able to access them. In addition, this will also potentially provide better access to phone specific hardware for which good driver options are not available for webOS.

That’s an interesting approach.

For more, see: Phoenix finally reveals the first step in their plan: webOS on Android


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