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Forbrydelsen III: Episode 4

A lot went down in this episode. Typical for Forbrydelsen, most of it was conveyed through dialogue.

If there are no objections from readers, this will be my last post documenting the unsubtitled versions. I’ll just watch them for myself and then post about the subtitled version.

More non-spoiler screensnaps after the break.

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iPad Mini: 8GB WiFi Base Model US$249

iPad Mini Shows Up in the Stock System for a German Retailer – 249 Euros & Weak Specs

I’ve highlighted the upper-end prices. Since Apple tends to do a straight number swap between Dollar-Euro prices, that’s US$549 for a 64GB WiFi-only model. Is that the most expensive 7″-Class tablet or what? And US$649 for a 64GB cellular model (3G? 4G?) — well, I can’t even imagine someone paying that. The WiFi-only 64GB for US$549 makes me choke a bit as it is.

Is 8GBs actually usable? I can imagine someone filling their storage quickly with video — unless Apple won’t give this a rear camera, despite all the other alleged leaks we’ve seen.

Let’s compare:

iPad Mini 8GB WiFi 7.85″ screen – $249
Kindle Fire HD 8.9 16GB WiFi 8.9″ screen – $299
B&N Nook HD+ 16GB WiFi 9″ screen – $269

On a price basis, the Mini gets slaughtered for the value it offers.

But wait! There’s the trump card: All those iOS apps that will run as-is on that 1024×768 screen.

And also: It’s a freakin iPad! A mini iPad!


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