Forbrydelsen III: Episode 4

A lot went down in this episode. Typical for Forbrydelsen, most of it was conveyed through dialogue.

If there are no objections from readers, this will be my last post documenting the unsubtitled versions. I’ll just watch them for myself and then post about the subtitled version.

More non-spoiler screensnaps after the break.

This series is a worldwide rage, with it dominating the search results that lead to this blog.

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7 responses to “Forbrydelsen III: Episode 4

  1. Christophe

    Interesting, interesting… Did you find the subtitles ? I tried hell but couldn’t manage to find anything… Have a nice evening.

  2. Rick

    Where you able to find any subtitles for this episode?

  3. Christophe

    Thanx anyway.

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