Microsoft Surface TV Ad: This Ain’t 1984

The expression of the girl on the right says it all. She has that “You poor sad bastard” expression.

Suit Lemmings:

I don’t even know what this means:

Feral Schoolgirls From Hell:

I wonder if snaps would have wound up on Reddit/creepshots?

What the hell does this even mean:

Or this:


Is this symbolism:

Behind the Surface is old, old technology?

And this:

Makes me want to run away just like he does.

But there is no escape:

Here is the full video this spectacularly awful ad:

Does it say anything about the Surface aside from maybe Click?

We all know the famous 1984 Macintosh ad, so I won’t rub it in by playing that here.

But do you remember the first iPad TV ad?

Here it is:

We see it being used for email, books, video, page creation, and more.

And it takes half the time of the Surface ad to do that.

Microsoft Surface is being shown used for … what?


And Feral Schoolgirls From Hell.

Wow, Microsoft, you really can’t be cool, can you?


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6 responses to “Microsoft Surface TV Ad: This Ain’t 1984

  1. These are two very different time zones.

    At the time of the ipad app people were not used to or did not know what a tablet was and what it can be used for. Hence the ipad ad.

    Today tablets and it’s various use-cases are almost general knowledge.

    What would then be the differentiating factor for the ‘Surface’ ?
    It’s keyboard. Symbolized in the Ad by the ‘click’

  2. Microsoft are like the most embarrassing uncle in the world! They try so hard, but they really can’t be cool :)

  3. I did find myself wanting to jam out while watching the embedded youtube video. Those schoolgirls are minions from hell. The keyboard would be awesome if I can interchange it with my desktop – they are essential tools for efficiency.

    Half the time, cause there budget was half of M$.


  4. richard

    If Microsoft wants a shot at being successful they need to appeal to businesses. Not 13 year old kids.

    The add was targeted to the wrong demographic and poorly executed.

  5. Craig

    Ironic you bring up the 1984 ad, because no tech company acts more like big brother than Apple does.

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