Forbrydelsen III: Episode 4 With English Subtitles

The Good News: The English subtitles finally appeared overnight.

The Bad News: They are horribly out of sync with the JETSET video. I don’t know about the USG video. They are again bundled with the Unopelco 720p video, which I did not get.

Apparently there are length differences between the JETSET and Unopoleco videos, which led to the mis-syncing. The SRT file can be opened in WordPad but there is no easy way to fix the timecoding.

I hope that everyone doing a video file will try to do the same length so the SRT file can be universal — as it has been up to now.

A few non-spoiler screensnaps after the break.

These mainly illustrate how far out of sync the subs are with the JETSET version of the video:

As the JETSET video progresses, the mis-syncing gets worse, with the subtitles being about a minute behind the video! Go for the Unopoleco 720p version is my advice.

When this airs on BBC Four, the subtitles will be hardcoded onto the screen so this mess won’t be possible.

Despite the frustration, thanks to everyone involved for letting us see this as soon as possible!

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19 responses to “Forbrydelsen III: Episode 4 With English Subtitles

  1. Troy

    thanks. I kept thinking it was my file but yes, they are out of sync. Where is the Unopelco version? Thanks for the help and previous links.

  2. cla

    lo spero anche io
    i hope too

  3. The Bgt

    there is a tool called TIme adjuster to sychronize subs :)
    great episode!

  4. Derek Elliot

    I have written a bit of code for myself that “shifts” all subtitles in an .srt file forwards or backwards by any number of seconds to put them in-sync.

  5. coochy.cooty

    On usenet the vid “Forbrydelsen.III.E04.DANiSH.720p.HDTV.x264-DTV.mkv” appears with a complementary english subpack. The same for episodes 1-3. 5 is up in Danish, but not this source yet, no subs.

  6. coochy.cooty

    So . . . why not just download that usenet file, it’s a gig mkv, looks fine to me.

  7. coochy.cooty

    Really? Usenet is inherently safer than p2p, especially on the download side, there’s no track at all, unless the isp was issued a warrant on you or something silly like that. The usenet services don’t log traffic, and there are relatively simple ways to upload with impunity.

    Anyway, what I’m looking for now is Engrenages season 4, the whole series was just posted on usenet in HQ, but not an English sub to be found.

    • mikecane

      >>>Engrenages season 4

      Wow. I am so out of the loop. I think I have season one of that (yet unseen) and never knew there were other seasons. There are fansubs for that too, right?

  8. coochy.cooty

    Oui. Saisons un, du et troi appeared on usenet last month, just in French, but the English subs from Addicted work fine. I had never seen it before, I chewed through the first two seasons in a week and am working on season three right now. It’s very familiar stuff, the justice-obsessed cops dealing with corrupt superiors who thwart them at every opportunity, etc. etc. But, it is set in Paris, and the foreign procedurals are interesting, investigating magistrates and stuff. And the cast is quite good, very watchable.

  9. coochy.cooty

    No, that’s one I haven’t seen yet, I’ll give it a shot. Both non-subbed blu-ray and subbed dvd rips were posted in teevee’s newsgroup this spring, both “stagiones”, they’re still in retention on my service. I kind of doubt these French things are very realistic, defendants being stripped and beaten, no counsel present?

    Teevee is a posting god, whoever or whomever he is. Just about everything broadcast on TV gets posted the next morning in his group, premium channels, sporting events, stupid network crap, everything. I’m sure they’d love to get their hands on him, but what can they do? Obviously he takes care to post without traces, and there’s no way you can delete material once it’s out there on the router cloud, or find out who’s accessing it without sitting on the servers. Even then you can only see real-time user account activity (there are no logs), and only with a warrant. And how could you possibly get a warrant without knowing who’s downloading it in the first place? Catch 22 for the media companies, must drive them crazy. I think the only saving grace is that usenet flies under the radar for the most part, even though all audio and visual shows up there eventually.

    I think I’ve caught just about everything else on the top twenty list out of the Euro zone, Forbrydelsen of course, Bron, Borgen, even that weird Finnish thing, Raid.

  10. poggy

    Yay finally someone talking about Forbrydelsen ina language I can actually understand! Sometimes I feel pretty alone in my appreciation of this show D:

    Re: the subtitles – there are subtitle editing softwares like submagic which allow you to edit and resync .srt files, but if you are watching your videos with VLC media player, you just need to press the h key to increase the delay, and g to decrease it.

  11. I’ve not read the comments, maybe you’ve heard, but the Video LAN (VLC) player allows you to change the sync of subtitles, and to add +/- time to their start.

  12. Andrew

    If you use XBMC to view the shows, you can adjust the subtitles “on the fly” (as they say). I watched series three this way. Episode 1, 3,5,6,7,8,9,10 and 11 need to have the subs advanced by just under a second. Episode 2 needs to have the subs pushed back by about 6 seconds (after the “précédemment” sequence); episode 12 is all over the place — bad vid encoding in the dark scenes drops frames and you need to adjust the subs all way through, forward and back.

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