Forbrydelsen III: Episode 5 Unsubtitled

I said I’d wait for the subtitled video to do a post.

So much for that resolution.

More non-spoiler snaps after the break.

I didn’t need subtitles to figure out most of this episode. What an emotional rollercoaster! Everything changes in it. Half the series is now over and I’m no closer to understanding what it’s really all about and who the killer is.

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10 responses to “Forbrydelsen III: Episode 5 Unsubtitled

  1. Susan Bluttman

    Hi Mike,

    Any idea where to download Episode 5? And thanks for all you do. This new series is really compelling!

    Best, Susan Bluttman

  2. Troy

    Don’t read on if you haven’t seen episode 5.

    Yes. Things really changed. But it became obvious to me that if the little girl is no longer alive, the series is over. So I think she is still alive. That seemed to be the case at the end of episode 5.

    Personally, I am tired of the political parties and rich industrialist subplot. After two seasons of this interplay between a murder tied to government and fat cats, it gets old and predictable but more than that boring. I never thought I’d say that but I just did.

    Anyone else feeling Forbrydelsen burnout?

    • mikecane

      I’m not. I said they got it down to a formula, but that’s not the same as being predictable. And yes, the girl is still alive. He pulled a switch while the boat was hidden under the bridge, but I was still fooled and shocked when it happened.

  3. Where can I find english subtitle? I googled but ended up with nothing.I just don’t want to guess whole episode 5 :)

  4. rich s in california

    i was able to download episode 5 from, but i can’t find the English subs anywhere.

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