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Asus Windows 8 Introduction: Part Two

This is the second part of a two-part post covering Asus’ introduction of new Windows 8 hardware. Previously: Asus Windows 8 Introduction: Part One

The next device I encountered was the Asus All-in-One PC (ASUS All-in-One PC ET2300):

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Asus Windows 8 Introduction: Part One

Previously here:

Asus Event Sneak Peek Photos
Asus Post Delayed A Day

For those of you who won’t bother to catch up first with those two links, and in the interest of full disclosure, I will repeat the opening act of this event:

On October 10th, Asus USA sent out a tweet for a competition to score an invite to their unveiling of Windows 8 devices in New York City.

This is the tweet I sent in reply:


Do you know what happened several days later?

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