Forbrydelsen III: Episode 6 Unsubtitled

Another episode where things change. And most everything is conveyed with dialogue.

More non-spoiler snaps after the break.

I didn’t have the best quality video this time. Enlarging those will probably reveal that.

Now everyone begins the wait for the video and SRT file. Good luck, IceHunter!

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10 responses to “Forbrydelsen III: Episode 6 Unsubtitled

  1. rich s in california

    I am attempting to download episode 6 (w/o subtitles) from this website, [link redacted] forbrydelsen-s03e06-danish-pdtv-xvid-usg-avi. it seems to be working, albeit intermittently haltingly. I’ll advise if it succeeds.

  2. rich s in california

    PS: that download finally worked, albeit w/o subs. looking for them now

  3. Rick

    Tried to download a file with the same name, but it stopped when it got to 93%. Last week the same thing happened with Ep 05. Any sign of the subtitles from this weeks episode?

    • mikecane

      Sometimes the video file will play even if it hasn’t hit 100%. I know I had to try two different versions to get one that downloaded all the way. I think one episode froze at like 97% but it still played even though there were a few glitches in the video.

  4. rich s in california

    English subs just got uploaded.

  5. Troy

    Just saw Episode 7 tonight. Exciting and renewed my interest in the story and plot. The little girl’s mother with her one note acting didn’t bother me as much as it has in the past. Now the clues and (spoiler alert) the shooting of the kidnapper make it riveting. Also like Lund’s hungry kiss with the SIS man. Three more episodes.

    I guess I’ll have to wait for the British subtitled version starting on Nov. 17 to catch up with the subtitles since I haven’t been able to find a good download of episode six or subtitles. Anyone have better luck in this?


    • mikecane

      There might be some DDOSing done of torrent trackers, which has accounted for some delays. Sometimes you can wait out the delay. This happened to me with episode 7.

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