Sandy At Zone A This Morning

Photos taken today, Monday October 29, 2012, around 11AM. Resampled and resized to VGA; click any to enlarge.

Proof of Zone A:

Really, can you get more Zone A than this?

The news reports from other places in NYC made me expect a huge flood. Nothing of the sort.

I wasn’t the only person out there getting images, either:


Yep, an iPad.

Some of the wave action:

Right there near sea level are very expensive co-ops that used to be industrial buildings:

I didn’t see any sandbags in use around those buildings. More proof that the possession of money cannot be correlated with high intelligence.

Winds were 40-45 mph with a gust to 50. So far, this isn’t any different from weather we’ve had before — except for the evacuation orders.

Sandy finally made that westward turn they’ve been pimping. I was convinced by time-lapse radar images. This time the software wins.



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3 responses to “Sandy At Zone A This Morning

  1. Any chance that it will get worse before it gets better???? don’t be a goof…stay safe!

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