Superstorm Sandy Interruption

Right now I’m at neighbor using a borrowed Win 7 notebook jacked into unlocked WiFi from who knows where.

The Bible talks of a thief in the night.

And that’s exactly what Superstorm Sandy was.

After two days of teasing us, when darkness fell on Monday night, its energy was finally unleashed when no one could see it coming.

I am lucky. I survived (and so have the herd of cats).

Right now, Con Ed says they don’t anticipate re-establishing power to my small branch until November 9-10th. Meanwhile all of the areas surrounding mine had power restored yesterday. Why Con Ed wired things this way, only they know.

Apparently I’m FOLO: First Off, Last On.

Power was lost shortly after I tweeted:

It took across the street another half hour to lose lights.

Down the hill, it took another hour.

Throughout the night, I watched the night sky brighten with the blue coronas of transformers exploding in the distance. There were well over twenty. It was like being in a war zone, with the wind gusts as the sound of weaponry.

The Zone A destruction in my area is unbelievable. There was no hint of it happening during the night. I heard nothing, saw nothing. In the morning I went out with my camera. I must have said “Holy shit!” over a hundred times.

I have well over one hundred photos to post once I have electricity again. I don’t know how much of this destruction has been posted or published already. As far as I know, it hasn’t even been mentioned.

New York City has been turned into the biggest disaster movie in history. The irony being most of us living this drama can’t see the full extent of it.

Most of you Out There probably know more about what’s happened than I do.

The mainstream news radio stations have been pathetic in their coverage.

Example one: The ferry docks on both the Manhattan and Staten Island side have been damaged. The two news stations in NYC never mentioned that nor the extent of the damage. No one from the ferry service was ever interviewed to explain what’s happening. I still don’t know anything beyond that!

Example two: Many people are relying on battery-powered or even hand-cranked radios to get this news. And they’re running commercials. How much faster are batteries dying in order for people in a disaster area to be sold something? This is inexcusable.

I would have gotten more and better information had I a smartphone with access to Twitter!

Yet the mainstream media wonders why their audiences are plummeting and the Internet is killing them!

Many people lost their lives. A Staten Island mother was separated from her two kids in the unexpected torrent of water from the shore. She survived. Two days later they found the bodies of her children, aged two and four.

Many people lost everything they had. All of you Out There have probably seen the footage from Breezy Point, where a firestorm wiped out five blocks of homes, around one hundred and eleven in all.

Four degrees separated from me, I heard of someone trapped in his garage for several hours, with water up to his chin. He was rescued when someone heard his screaming. Everything he owned and worked for was wiped out.

I’ve heard of other communities totally destroyed too, but have not been able to see any photos or hear in-depth coverage.

Many lives have been reset to zero. Some of those people will never recover from this, despite all the claims of aid from FEMA and others. The mental trauma alone might cause some people to break into pieces that can never be assembled again.

The radio this morning mentioned a possible Nor’easter is shaping up to hit us again sometime next week. If Con Ed sustains more damage from that, my area will probably be pushed down the list again and power won’t be restored until well after the end of next week.

I won’t freeze to death in the dark, though. I’ve done Doom prep by sleeping out in extreme weather — rainstorms, prior hurricanes, snowstorms, even blizzards with temperatures approaching zero. Hell, Sunday night I was sleeping outside in a tent because I wanted to see for myself if the forecasted 2AM turn by Sandy would happen. I didn’t sleep outside Monday night, however, and I feel sorry for those who were forced to be outside during the full force of that superstorm.

This will be my only online communication until full power has been restored to my area.


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21 responses to “Superstorm Sandy Interruption

  1. Oh, thank God – I’d been telling people you were in all likelihood okay (as are the cats), and here you are to prove it.

    I presume you saw the tanker IRL. This is all so horrifying. They are still bringing out the dead.

    Very grateful you are all right.

  2. miztrniceguy

    Glad you’re ok.

  3. Good to hear from you, Mike. Very relieved to hear you and the cats are doing okay.

  4. Glad you (and the cats) made it through the storm safe and sound!

  5. Ben

    So glad to know you survived. As you’ll, no doubt, notice once you get an opportunity to check your Twitter feed–a lot of people were very concerned about you and the cats. Take care, be safe, and, though I know you’ll never take any of us up on it, let us know if there’s anything we can do to help.

  6. I’m grateful to hear from you and know that you and your furry troop are okay.

  7. kalen

    Grateful to hear you are safe.

  8. dani807

    Mike, I was wondering how you were doing. I was without power earlier this year for almost 4 days…..I know what your going through.

  9. Best thoughts to you, Mike. I have several friends in similar situations. One w/ elderly parents in L.I. who are getting VERY cold at night. :(

  10. So glad to see this post and hear you’re ok. You and Laura are the only two I’ve seen who have posted news that lets us know what it’s really like there. I can’t tell you how sad I am to read about all those people who have lost everything, families, homes,…

    Look forward to your next post and getting the real story about what’s happening there. Two weeks is a long time to be without power. Hope things get back to some semblance of normal sooner than expected.

    Take care.

  11. Saw the devastation on tv. ABC and CNBC carried stories. Saw the long lines for gas. The houses and boats that were destroyed blew my mind. Seems the people from SI are getting the short end of the stick IMHO. Did like the story where the lady was reading the riot act to Schumer. She really gave him hell. This is unbelievable in this day and age you are deprived of electric this long. Glad you are ok. Your followers were concerned. Thanks for the update.

  12. alphabitch

    *waves* Well, glad to hear you and the cats are OK.

  13. Eric

    Good luck Mike. I hope you come through ok.

  14. Glad you and the cats are okay. There were several of us worried, I was. Please….Give some of your cross country fan club a way to get in touch with you that is more reliable than the internet! *hugs to you and much love to the kitties*

  15. tq1

    Glad to hear you are okay. We’ve seen lots of before and after photos sets.I noticed you were missing from my time line and was worried. Gawd my nexus 7 will not cooperate with WordPress! Can hardly type. #firstworldproblems Sorry you’re having 3rd world problems. Any sign of FEMA or the Red Cross? I’ve heard on Twitter and the news lots of people complaining that they aren’t there on Staten Island

  16. Good to see you are OK! With the prolonged (but understandable) radio silence, I was just about to get on a plane to come over and fish you outta the wreckage with a bottle of Prof Crow’s moonshine to cheer you up!

    There’s a lot of media reports her in the UK about Staten residents being forgotten, etc. Plus an actor guy from Sons of Anarchy (the character “Juice”), who grew up in Staten and happened to be back through the storm (and is staying put to help out) – he put out a powerful media message yesterday.

    When you get back to a semblance of normality you’ll have to blog about your “doom prep.”

    Good luck! Chin up and all that!

  17. Oh and also, glad those cats are OK! I was thinking about them too when the storm hit and you Twittered “lights out.”

  18. I was anticipating your return to twitter shortly after you tweeted about the power. As time went on and you didn’t return shaking your fist at the skies I knew things couldn’t be good. I watched all the news feeds, the live streaming cameras and I still can’t fathom what it must have been like.

    We’ve seen pictures from Staten Island, seen news reports about the destruction and the children. Its incredibly sad – but you made it through. I know there’s not enough information getting in, not enough help and a sense of being forgotten. None of you are.

    When the lights come back on, and you get some time to look back at the past few days you will see how widespread the devastation was, and I think you’ll understand why things are moving slow, not just for Staten Island but everywhere along the northern east coast.

    I’m glad you’re ok!

  19. Do you have enough supplies for the herd? I have no idea how to get stuff to you, but I would if I could…

  20. It’s a good to hear you’re ok. You are the only person I know of in NYC and immediately thought of you when they mentioned the devastation and, some say, neglect of the situation on Staten Island. Hang in there, and I hope to hear from you again soon.

  21. Reblogged this on Jimmy Lee Shreeve and commented:
    Words from my pal Mike Cane, hit by superstorm Sandy on Staten Island. Good to hear he’s OK…but thing’s ain’t good on Staten, people feel forgotten….big election going on around them, what do they care? They just need power, food and warmth…

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