Superstorm Sandy Photos: Part Eight

Photos taken on Friday, November 2, 2012. Resized and resampled to VGA; click any to enlarge.

Part Seven began my survey of lower Manhattan.

Now moving to the South Street Seaport area:

The water came into South Street Seaport:

Toxic silt covers the entire cobblestone street:

Shot through glass:

Shot through glass, the chaos inside a bar on the corner right across from the Seaport:

Aside from two toppled blue booths …

… I didn’t see any major damage to the Seaport. Even the ships were still in place:

But whatever happened might have already been tidied before my visit.

Across the street, the damage was evident:

That’s a doggy day care totally ruined. It’s near the API Building from Rubicon:

Post-Sandy, these bags seem so childish:

Manhattan does not fool around:

The number of graffiti scrawls underneath is amazing:

Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel:

Heading back to the Island:

Where the Ferry Pilot aims for the berth incorrectly:

Waiting and waiting and waiting in the bitter wind for a bus to return me to a lightless and heatless home, I see a cruise ship depart:

They have lights, heat, hot food. I am so damn jealous.

More photos in the final post, Part Nine.


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2 responses to “Superstorm Sandy Photos: Part Eight

  1. Did you notice those “restricted use” notices seem to be for earthquakes? They mention aftershocks…

    What caused the chaos inside the shop and bar you photographed through the window? I assumed flooding, but there doesn’t seem to be evidence of anything wet inside.

    • mikecane

      It was flooding. Nine feet of water hit that doggy daycare, so probably near that for the bar too. The water had already receded and things dried by the time I was able to get to lower Manhattan.

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