Superstorm Sandy Photos: Part Four

Photos taken Tuesday, October 30, 2012. Resized and resampled to VGA; click any to enlarge.

Part Three was still just an introduction to the damage to come.

Superstorm Sandy brought death to animals too:

To see a full-size image of before and after Sandy at the entrance to the condos, click here for the prior post.

Entering the area of the very, very expensive shore-side condos:

Seeing everything flung around, it occurred to me that the Internet of Things — where all objects are RFID tagged — will be a boon to meteorologists too. They will be able to track where debris originated and where it landed.

Looking back:

Now this is where Superstorm Sandy lives up to its advanced billing:


Sea life still attached:

Even bricks were ripped up:

These photos tend to flatten everything. The amount of wood there was like something out of a history book recounting the flood at Galveston or Johnstown.

Looking inside that damage, it’s a common hallway of the condo building:

Look at how the windows were bent in:

The mud. The mud was terrible:

I’m now heading towards a condo that had its construction halted due to the Great Depression of 2008. I will break this post here. I’m trying to keep these posts friendly for smartphones and as un-cloggy as possible.

More damage and wreckage in Part Five.


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3 responses to “Superstorm Sandy Photos: Part Four

  1. I think I missed something. What is all that wood? Where did it come from? A boardwalk? A fence?

    • mikecane

      I have no idea. A news report mentioned part of a home washing ashore here from the Rockaways, which they said was eight miles away! For all I know, this could be part of boardwalks from New Jersey.

  2. Susan Barhan

    No comment could cover how this affects those of us who do not live there but many of us have been praying for everyone there since before Sandy even hit. We were all warned it would be bad. It is. How sad. I wish that it would all return to normal overnight but that will not happen. Many Thoughts & Prayers are with you.

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