Superstorm Sandy Photos: Part Six

Photos taken Tuesday, October 30, 2012. Resized and resampled to VGA; click any to enlarge.

Part Five also showed Sandy’s wrath at the sea-side condos.

Even windows angled to the shore were smashed:

Cropped zoom:

That is where someone would sit to watch TV!

They got so desperate at this condo complex that they piled on anything in a bag:

There were bags of concrete and even ice melt! It didn’t help:

Now various areas well away from the condo complex:

Downed wires:

Back near the condo complex area:

The line of debris in the condo complex parking area:

The ferry terminal area:

Superstorm Sandy’s wind power:

The line of debris in the public parking area of the ferry terminal:

A lightless Manhattan in the distance:

The debris in the parking area:

I couldn’t get closer. NYPD had the area closed off.

Bitter irony:

A Go Bag would not have helped.

Ferry terminal yellow-taped shut:

How far that debris went into the lot:

A sign of normal life:

The buses begin to run.

There is more in Part Seven.

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  1. The photo of Manhattan without power is eery.

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