Superstorm Sandy Photos: Part Two

Photos taken Tuesday, October 30, 2012. Resized and resampled to VGA; click any to enlarge.

In Part One, I was still seeing just the tail of the elephant.

Now I begin to sense it has a fatter trunk:

That’s one entire block filled with debris heaved up by Sandy! And it’s hundreds of feet from the shoreline!

Looking back to the shore:

All that wood? It wasn’t put there by the incoming waves. It was dragged back there by the receding waves.

I was about to find out just how far those waves actually came in:

That’s a street adjacent to a park. The waves came in all the way to the end of that park, which had to be at least a thousand feet or more from the shore!

Even that far in there was at least a foot of flooding, see the waterline on the door:

And that water was still powerful enough to drag this is in from the sea:

Look at the size of that block of wood:

Looking back from the end of it towards the shore:

The other side of the park:

And now I’m walking along a street that runs parallel to the shore, but which is still not only hundreds of feet away from the shore, but also protected by a rising trackline for the Staten Island Railroad (aka elevated subway):

The water had to do a right turn from several blocks away to deposit all of that!

And more:

Shattered showroom glass:

Cropped-zoom of food ruined by flood waters, being thrown out by a supermarket:

Clean-up was already in progress:

Which makes me think I didn’t see the full extent of the debris deposited by the water. They must have cleared the street itself in order to begin debris removal:

Just look at this:

And this is still nothing!

More food ruined by flooding:

Toxic silt on a store’s floor:

Even after having to do a right turn and travel several blocks, the height of the water can be discerned in the waterline here:

This debris is so far from the shoreline and so far from an entry point that it’s just staggering to imagine what the water must have been like in total darkness (remember, all light had gone out before 10PM the night before):

And this debris …

… means I am heading towards the actual shore.

See that in Part Three.

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