I don’t think I’ve ever had a blog where nine of the Top Posts were one subject. Here it’s Forbrydelsen III.

And that the Nexus 7 using PDF files is in there too speaks well for sales of that tablet.

I’m still catching up with things online post-Sandy and post-Athena. I hope to do the backlog of Comments this weekend.


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4 responses to “Unprecedented

  1. rich s in california

    subs for episode 7?

    • rich s in california

      i’m so desperate to know what happened next, i just watched episode 7 w/o the English subs, and i don’t speak Danish. i *think* i know what happened.

      • mikecane

        I haven’t watched 7 yet outside of the first scene. I figured Sandy put me so far behind I might as well wait for the subs. If no subs today, I will watch 7, then 8 likely tomorrow.

    • mikecane

      See the Sticky post.

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