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Forbrydelsen III Episode 7 English Subtitles

This post is back to being a sticky for a few days as people sort out the subtitle versions, which required correction from the rough ones provided by samtasam. See the Comments for links.

Update, Sunday November 18, 2012: Since I’ve already seen episode 7 with the samtasam subs, and have deleted it, I can’t judge what subs file to use. In Comments, people are saying there’s now a Unopoleco video file which has the best subs. These are also usually available at Addic7ed and Subscene, so monitor those for updates.

NON-IceHunter English subs! Click here.

Sub by samtasam. It’s not a perfect subtitle but it’s a great help. Needs some modifications but I don’t know how to do them. Please change it if you can.

Update, Saturday November 17, 2012: Here is a new version of the English subtitle file that corrects the sync issues: Click this. This is named “7.doc” (no quotes). Rename it to whatever the video file is with “dot-srt” (.srt) as the extension.  Thanks to rich s in california for this fix.

It’s Sunday evening here in NYC and these subtitles have not yet appeared anywhere on the Net.

They are done by someone under the handle of IceHunter.

They are usually bundled with a 720p video file by someone under the handle of Unopoleco.

The only thing I can think is that IceHunter might actually be located here in the U.S. — not Europe as I first thought — and has been affected by Superstorm Sandy.

I don’t think Unpoleco is located here because the video usually has the on-screen DR-1 stamp from broadcast.

Since everyone is bound to be looking for these subs, I thought I’d do this post to pre-empt questions in the Comments. I’ll make it a Sticky for a while too and update it should the subtitles appear — with a link to them.



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