Forbrydelsen III Episode 7 English Subtitles

This post is back to being a sticky for a few days as people sort out the subtitle versions, which required correction from the rough ones provided by samtasam. See the Comments for links.

Update, Sunday November 18, 2012: Since I’ve already seen episode 7 with the samtasam subs, and have deleted it, I can’t judge what subs file to use. In Comments, people are saying there’s now a Unopoleco video file which has the best subs. These are also usually available at Addic7ed and Subscene, so monitor those for updates.

NON-IceHunter English subs! Click here.

Sub by samtasam. It’s not a perfect subtitle but it’s a great help. Needs some modifications but I don’t know how to do them. Please change it if you can.

Update, Saturday November 17, 2012: Here is a new version of the English subtitle file that corrects the sync issues: Click this. This is named “7.doc” (no quotes). Rename it to whatever the video file is with “dot-srt” (.srt) as the extension.  Thanks to rich s in california for this fix.

It’s Sunday evening here in NYC and these subtitles have not yet appeared anywhere on the Net.

They are done by someone under the handle of IceHunter.

They are usually bundled with a 720p video file by someone under the handle of Unopoleco.

The only thing I can think is that IceHunter might actually be located here in the U.S. — not Europe as I first thought — and has been affected by Superstorm Sandy.

I don’t think Unpoleco is located here because the video usually has the on-screen DR-1 stamp from broadcast.

Since everyone is bound to be looking for these subs, I thought I’d do this post to pre-empt questions in the Comments. I’ll make it a Sticky for a while too and update it should the subtitles appear — with a link to them.


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93 responses to “Forbrydelsen III Episode 7 English Subtitles

  1. Ruby

    Previously Ice Hunter’s version with Eng subs has lagged the first posting by a about four days on nntp. Episode 7 in Danish was up Nov. 5th, so this is a few days longer.

    I was going to wait until I had the complete season, but I broke down and watched E01 today, pretty good, I like where it’s going, a rich background to work with. Not quite “The Wire” season two, but not bad.

    • Swan

      Hello, I’ve made a full correction, line by line, of the english subtitles for episode 7. You can find it at Cheers!

  2. Fred

    It’s often there on Fridays, late, but this time the programme is very late. :( I suppose the series may appear with hardcoded subs once it begins airing on bbctv?

  3. Lyle

    Fellow NYCer here anxiously awaiting subs for Ep 7 also. It looks like 7 & 8 are already streaming at , albeit with no subs. Look forward to an update.

  4. Tricia

    Thanks for the update Mike. I’ve been checking several times a day for this episode.

  5. Michel

    I am from Holland and a fan from Forbrydelsen from the beginning. Fans of Forbrydelsen I can recommend to watch Borgen and The Bridge (both Danish series also). I am waiting for the subs of episode 7!

  6. I’ve heard that IceHunter got sick. Let’s hope it’s nothing serious.

  7. rich s in california

    episode 8 is available online, albeit without English subs. i’ve been so desperate to know what happens next, i watched episode 7 without the English subs, and i don’t speak Danish.

  8. desperately awaiting the subs for this! nice to have somewhere to check. i think i’m enjoying this season even more than the first one.

  9. GWJones

    Yeah, big thanks Mike for the info. I’ve been checking and Podnapsi several times a day too.

  10. jen

    I also wondered if Sandy might, indeed, be behind the delayed appearance of subtitles for this episode. Admittedly I’m enjoying Forbrydelsen and Borgen and other quirky series like The Kingdom so much I’m tempted to apply my language learning skills to Danish–I’m curious as to how difficult it is to learn. It seems fairly similar to English… and in light of how much I have enjoyed the few series I’ve seen thus far, I’m sure learning a bit of survival danish will be well worth the investment. Anyone familiar with the language as a native english speaker–easy or difficult to pick up? Just curious…

    • i got the same temptation… When I was in Copenhagen I heard some English colleagues of mine speaking Danish, and it really sounded funny.
      My curiosity is this… do these Scandinavian people understand each other speaking each their own tongue or what? In The Bridge, for example, I could distinguish when they were speaking Swedish or Danish, but I am not always sure…:-)

    • rusty trawler

      Jen, I don’t speak Danish but I’m learning Norwegian, and along with Swedish these languages are very similar and Scandinavians can understand each other with considerable ease. I wouldn’t say I find learning languages particularly easy but as an English speaker I have found it quite easy to get to grips with Norwegian and I think you would have similar results with Danish.

  11. Christophe

    We are doomed. I wish I hadn’t started. It makes me mad…

  12. rasta

    Damn, and now we’re stuck with episodes 7 and 8 and no subs :-( The BBC will be there only in a month or so. It’s terrible……….

  13. Brian

    Well done IceHunter, if you were caught in Sandy I hope you and yours are well. Episode 7 can wait………..

  14. Fred

    Episode 7 (no subs) has been uploaded by someone named frakris . . . .

  15. Man, I can’t wait :-) I might have to watch without English subtitles too.

  16. Deb

    Great, so at least I’m not the only one on this planet waiting desperately for these subs…
    I wish I had not started :(, but the uploading by Unopoleco/the subs seemed pretty regular at first. It is a superb season however!
    I understand some Danish, so I started with 7 without the subs (, but I didn’t get the important sentences…
    Let’s hope nothing serious happened to IceHunter!

    • Ruby

      Yeah, I regret having watched the first two episodes, I should have archived them and waited. But, if there is a delay, episode 5 isn’t a bad place to halt, it’s like a half season, gives one something to look forward to.

  17. quesse


  18. jen

    It seems as though there is an unhealthy shortage of people fluent in both English and Danish who find that they feel rewarded by devoting long hours to performing unpaid translation work, editing, and minor technological hoop jumping for the tiny fraction of the English speaking world that happens to appreciate the excellence of Danish crime dramas.

    The time and energy–not to mention the intelligence–required to upload competent subtitles is certainly not lost on me and is and will forever be sincerely appreciated. But let’s be honest, even less-than-stellar-if-not-occasionally-incompetent subtitles would be better than what we’ve got at the moment… For the present moment (i.e., ‘doomed’ episode 7), I think I’d be happy with subtitles in the form stick figures miming out the emotions of the characters and an attached MS Word document with a few bullet points concerning the latest evidence on (a) the kidnapper’s motives (b) the kidnapped kid’s status (breathing or not), and, finally, some helpful hints on (c) Brix’s political balance act in the episode in question.

    In the meantime, I suppose I should seriously look into learning Danish. I hate feeling this helpless… talk about torture.

  19. rich s in california

    either the BBC or DR1 must contract for subtitles in all languages where they expect distribution. the source of any transcriptions we see may well be from sources within the companies where such transcriptions are created. it’s just a theory that transcriptions are not created by independent (non-paid) parties.

    • Craig from Perth, Australia

      Believe it or not, there are people that do things for others, without seeking payment or recognition.

      • rich s in california

        of course i agree, and hope i can be counted amongst them. i’m just saying that businesses have to do the subtitles anyhow as part of their distribution, and internal folks are often the source of such material.

  20. froodish

    I see I’m not the only one jonesing for the ep7 subs ;-) IceHunter, whoever you are, thanks!

  21. rusty trawler

    are there any danish subtitles available? I can get by in Norwegian and with admittedly i will have to frequently stop and start to reference words, I should be able to enjoy. My forbrydelsen fatigue can’t take much more

  22. pmkace

    i am just as desperate as all of you guys, checking net several times a day for more than a week now. this is unbearable!!

  23. Fred

    We are also jonesing for Forbrydelsen episode 7. Here in Sweden the show will air FTA after it ends in Denmark. Swedish and Danish is somewhat similar, but I think I wouldn’t enjoy it as much if I had to watch it without subs.

  24. rich s in california

    Here’s a wild suggestion. If someone can find a Danish speaker to simply transcribe the spoken text, I will create the .srt file.

    • DaneinCA

      I’m a native Dane currently living in California… My US family is pissed that they cannot watch more than EP6 currently. But I would find it a very daunting task to transcribe the spoken text…but would love to help if there was an easier way…

  25. lcaffarena

    God save Unpoleco and Icehunter! Where are them? I’m stacked at episode VI!

    Greating from Argentina

  26. documentaryman

    IceHunter’s contribution to the English speaking world can’t be underestimated. Translation aside, the formatting and placement of subs requires enormous intelligence and effort. I hope nothing serious has befallen him/her and that we see 7 and 8+ appear in short order. Otherwise it will be a long cold wait on the BBC

  27. im too inpatient need subs just finished watching e06 im annoyed found ep 7 and 8 online without subs! help us virtual sub world!

  28. Woop

    this is torture!

  29. I’m so happy I found your blog – I’m not the only one refreshing 4 times a day, hoping, just hoping … :/

  30. Danielle

    IceHunter’s translation was much much better than the ones I got last year as well! Lot of great work

  31. Sandy

    I am sending a big Thank You for all of the people that have provided us with these wonderful shows. Here in the US we live in a vast wasteland.

  32. ivo

    english subs here – not perfect but will do for the most desperate of us :)

    • mikecane

      Thanks! Updated post!

      • Mush

        Thanks for updated post i was wondering as episode 8 was released onloine if you know when the subtitles would be available. will the same person who released subtitles for episode 7 be able to release episode 8 anytime soon. Thanks once again Mike really appreciate ur blog and u! Ur a Legend!

  33. Sandy

    I found them here haven’t used yet……/i/…/forbrydelsen-2007-subtitles

  34. rich s in california

    Hooray– Addic7ed,com has just uploaded English subtitles for episode 7. YAY!

    • rich s in california

      i just watched the episode and the quality of the subtitles is not nearly as good as for previous episodes. lots of missed dialog, and titles not properly synched to spoken dialog.

      • mikecane

        I don’t think any of the dialogue was missed. It might have seemed that way because of the syncing problem.

  35. DM

    Timings were off by up to 5 seconds. This is quick and dirty sync for USG’s version. Copy the text to a text editor (notepad will do) and save as .srt (Unicode).

    • Darren

      So 7 with English subs (all synced up and correct at first glance) is available on p….bay..

      • rich s in california

        Right — the latest upload from Unopoleco (Forbrydelsen.III.E07.720p.HDTV.x264-DTV + Eng Subs) is perfect, and fixes some of the grammatical errors in previous versions, and missing dialog,

        This is *the* version to use. Disregard the one I sent to Mike.

      • mikecane

        Who did the Unopoleco subs? Was it IceHunter?

  36. Dave

    Any news on Subtitles for Eight ? So far I think III might be the best yet.

  37. rich s in california

    i have fixed almost all of the synch problem with the English subtitles. but i am not sure how to share that with you all on mike’s blog.

    earlier tonight, i sent a partial fix to Mike for his review. if he approves, i’ll send him the fix for the entire episode 7. and he can possibly share it here (or advise any other preference).

  38. Nelson

    Episode 7 by Unopoleco already released with better subs. It is more than 800mb.

  39. rich s in california

    BBC broadcasts of The Killing season 3 episodes 1 and 2 have just been uploaded. With hardcoded subs. ( website)

  40. Darren

    These latest subtitles (re Rich S in California) are not as good as the elusive Ice Hunrter’s as there is a little missing dialogue although the syncing is fine. Also,as with most subtitles of this type (homemade?) one wonders whether the translation is as accurate as can be be in terms of nuance of speech, grammar and register and asks if they are doing justice to the show. Notwithstanding of course the sheer effort that these people put in for ostensibly no financial or other reward for others’ benefit which is greatly appreciated. I for one do not have the language ot technical skills, let alone the time and dedication I imagine it takes.
    I think most of us feel a pang of guilt being able to access freely and without payment excellent TV such as Forbrydelsen contrasted with a sense of freedom from the yoke of super rich global media organisations but one of the downsides of digitial media is the promotion of the ‘I want it now and for free culture’ hence blogs like this. This is a good blog generally speaking , intelligent comment and polite people although some posts seem to crossover each other.

  41. Tumbel

    Can someone upload Unepoleco’s Srt other than Pirate Bay please?

    Some revised subs:
    [link redacted]

  42. Sandy

    So true Darren. I am just thankful for all the effort people put into uploading and making those subtitles. I would never complain about the quality.

    If it wasn’t for this blog I wouldn’t even know about Season III. And I have enough trouble with ‘english’ to complain about someone taking all that time and expertise required to translate into other languages.

    So Thank You again…everyone.

  43. Tumbel

    [link redacted]

  44. Dave

    Slightly off topic … Why is Itunes so limited in vision … if I am permitted … why is Itunes so American. Why don’t they include Borgen, The Bridge and Forbrydelsen ? I would have paid …

  45. Tumbel

    Terribly sorry for messing up your blog, Mike. This should work (fingers crossed)
    [link redacted]

  46. rich s in california

    I just ran across a really cool article on Forbrydelsen 3,”10 Things You Did not Know About ‘Crime” ,” at a Danish media site. It has no spoilers whatsoever (so it’s safe to read), but it has really cool production notes about all three seasons. Like how many endings they prepared for each season,

    I don’t speak Danish, so I read the Google translation. Just search Google for “10 ting du ikke vidste om ‘Forbrydelsen'” and then click the link that says Translate this page.


  47. The subtitles are close to the dialog ( I speak intermmediate danish ) …..the sync bit messed but its’ fine …you can watch online as well with sub ( good quality , putlocker link ) including episode 7 .., if you don’t want to download the file .

  48. Day 8 subtitles posted at addic7ed. They’re good.

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