Gas Prices Leap Over Twenty Cents

Due to a break in my routine, I’ve neglected to update these photos since late September.

Since that last post, gas prices had fallen to what’s shown in this photo taken on October 29, 2012:

That’s the day before Superstorm Sandy changed everything. Notice the $4.21 per gallon price.

Once power was restored and they got new deliveries, this:

From $4.21 to $4.43. Just like that.

Can you say “Goddammed blood-sucking oil company?”

Yes, I knew you could.

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2 responses to “Gas Prices Leap Over Twenty Cents

  1. J Doe

    MIght I suggest learning how economics work?

    • mikecane

      If you’re going to haul out that bullshit about how demand drives prices higher, go talk a walk. It never seems to make WAGES rise higher, does it?

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